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About Bianca PoRo

Bianca PoRo was born to a Mexican mother and an Austrian father in Vienna in 1988. Growing up in a musical environment, she developed a passion for playing musical instruments during her childhood.


Before pursuing her music career, PoRo worked in various roles. However, her fascination with the house music scene led her to easily become involved in it. With her enthusiasm and exceptional affinity for electronic music, the young DJ quickly caught the attention of various clubs and bars.


As a result, she secured DJ residencies at some of the most renowned venues in the heart of Vienna. She also played at popular locations in Austria, Egypt, Switzerland, Serbia, and Spain. That’s how she grew into  becoming an integral part of the Austrian house music scene.


PoRo's DJ mixes are regularly featured on well-known national and international radio stations such as FM4, Energy Radio, and Ibiza Global Radio. 

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DJ Bianca PoRo

"Music in the soul can

be heard by the universe."

Lao Tzu

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